Win or Learn….never Loose!

We all have goals. Achieving these goals may feel like winning the game. For easy goals requiring little effort this may hold true.

Goals are meant to drive you forward, have you maximize your potential and grow you mentally. Therefore, the greater goals in your life are not as easily accomplished as you would like. Understanding that every time you are unable to accomplish these larger goals, takes you one step closer to eventual achievement, is the first step in understanding that you need to learn constantly.

Therefore there is no loosing, once you learn. Every time you use an action that is unsuccessful you need to analyse why this action did not work. Were there are positive impacts from this action? Can these impacts be useful under different circumstances?

If you need to get your colleagues attention for your work, try different approached. Even when successful, continue to experiment for even better ways. Continue to learn.

Learning continuously in the end, may be far more important than winning once.

Thinking you have lost is a choice that may stop your effort to try again. Keep learning and you can never loose.

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