Valuable Team Members

We all would love to have valuable team members. A team in which every member efficiently and effectively performs their duties, will more than likely succeed. It is also said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Have you ever stopped to think, how valuable of a team member you are?

Some basic guidance towards becoming a valuable team member would be as follow:

  • Ensure that you have the competence required to perform the role.
  • Ensure that you can commit the time required to adequately perform your duties.
  • Make an honest effort to work well with your team members.
  • Respect authority, respect all involved in the process and respect protocol.
  • Expect and address challenges, after all, that is part of why the team exists.
  • Always remember that agreed team goals supersede narrow personal goals.
  • Be prepared to learn and grow.

Some questions to ask yourself when considering your team membership:

  • Is the team stronger and more likely to succeed because of my input?
  • Will my absence even be noticed?
  • How is my team benefiting society and does this align with my own values?
  • How can I sharpen my skills?
  • Am I capable of strengthening more teams with my particular skills?
  • How can I maximize my impact towards a better society?

Sometimes when your mind gets too entangled in a particular situation and you have to make crucial decisions, it pays to take a step back in your mind and ask the question:

What would a respectable, ethical, upright individual do, if in my situation? The answer to this question should be the path you take. Remember that solid success and credibility are painstakingly built, poor choices can eliminate your progress.

I am a member of at least a dozen teams and I do my utmost to give my best at every opportunity. The challenge has now become to analyse which teams can use my skills and have the most positive impact on society. Therefore my weakness sometimes becomes over-extension and fatigue. Saying NO has never been my strongest point, but I’m getting better at it. My No’s usually come with a suggestion of how the challenge could be overcome. The learning experience as part of these varied teams has proven invaluable.

Most teams major weakness is the lack of commitment by their team members. Being assigned a post sounds all nice and good, but making the time to execute the functions as required is where failure usually lies. In these cases, the members not only weaken the team but damage their personal reputations as well. Strong leadership, mature team members and self-realization need to step in to address this.

Life is not perfect, perfection is illusive, but not striving for better can be the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Remember, when you are a valuable team member in a good team, your team members will carry you, if needed.

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