Unlimited Potential

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My first attempt at short story writing! – complete story. Each line goes as deep as you want it to.

Once upon a time, on a beach called 63, a group of friends were enjoying the sandy shores.
One decides to enter the coffee colored waters in order to escape the sweltering heat. Being a non-swimmer, she chooses to carefully venture deeper, still standing on firm ground.
Suddenly….a steep drop, she goes under…soft, fluffy mud is all she feels below her feet.
Her friends, still standing on shore, now become aware of her predicament.
Now this is where it gets interesting…
Would our friend prefer her closest companion, a non-swimmer, such as herself or the best swimmer in the group to come to her rescue?
The choice, on her part, seems logical. However, at this point, logics fly out the door. Human relationships kick in…has she ever hurt the best swimmer? If so, how deep did the hurt go?
Back on shore, her closest companion goes into a frantic panic, knowing he can’t swim as well. Going into the water will most likely cost his life as well.
With no other groups nearby, these friends look at each other, looking for one to volunteer.
The best and probably the only swimmer in the lot suddenly starts seeing flashbacks of the hurt inflicted over the years. Very deep hurt indeed. Is this faith?
A second passes.
The swimmer quickly realizes that her skill, her talent, perfected through hard work with the blessings of the divine, may have been hers for this very day.
Into the water she speeds, heading for an outstretched, disappearing hand. She returns dragging a shaken, still conscious soul back to shore.
Our shaken friend looks around and breaks down in tears realizing the fragility of life. Her faith lay in the hands of one she hurt deeply.
She wonders…..would I have been able to do the same?
Established human nature is a female dog.
Persons prefer to follow or befriend those like themselves. This is the easiest and definitely more fun option.
Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy!
Learning to swim, while others partied is definitely a skill worth having. A skill that can not be learned whilst drowning.
This short story plays out everyday with and around us. Realizing what is important and what really needs to be done is the trick to avoiding life/career/financial/family/etc threatening situations.
The story could have gone a different route if our swimmer had looked the other way. This is something we all do, everyday. We look away from those in need. We keep our skills to ourselves and those willing to pay in one form or the other.
This can not be right!!
We are all born with unlimited potential. The time and effort we put into unlocking our potential in any particular area should serve as an inspiration to those searching souls. Our skills should be given where and when needed in as high a volume as required and possible.
Our choices, many times, resemble the results of popularity contests. Popular persons will always feed you what you like to consume. This is how they stay popular. When you need the ‘populars’ they are more often than not, unavailable.
Respect the skilled ones who tell you what you need to hear instead of what sounds nice. This way you have the data available to make better choices.
The question facing our victim, faces us everyday. Would we choose to place our faith in popular hands or in skilled hands?
Popular and skilled is very rare.
Hope my attempt at a short story makes you think about your choices. And help you make better ones.

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