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1 Hour of a Serious Reality check I realized that someone finally understands what’s going on in this head of mine and would definitely be coming back. The priciples learnt in the 1 hour I spent help me to rethink some past principles I had neglected and how important those I have really were.I taught me knew things and held me 100% accountable for me sucess. I know what I have to do now and WILL be seeing Vishnu Doerga again.

Joel Warner – December 2015


So as a start-up founder, my mom constantly send me (or read to me) articles from her favourite application Flipboard. Under the entrepreneurship theme, an article came up on the importance of Coaching any entrepreneur. They even mentioned that even to this day Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has a coach! Now Vishnu Doerga through his program ActionCOACH Guyana has given entrepreneurs access to coaching… So what are you waiting for? Give him a call today and GET a free session. You guys know I hardly post via facebook, so you know its legit!

Vishnu Doerga is an amazing person, he is an amazing coach!! I did one of his sessions, spent one hour with him, and he literally took my thinking to another level. Also, as you can see from his post, he will always go the extra mile for you – Anije Lambert

Excellent service and great guidance if you are prepared to be successful in life.
I walked away today with 100% hope, courage and confidence not only in myself but for my business.
Can’t wait for the full benefits of the service, super excited, Thank you. – Anika Abel – Nick’s Phonics Centre

In the time that I spent with Coach Vishnu in my free session I was able to crystallize my goals and dreams. I began to see how every action should be motivated towards realising these dreams.

The most important lesson I left with was the value ascribed to my time as a business woman. Since time is directly related to the realization of my dreams, activities should be evaluated on the basis of how much value for the time invested would be earned.

My Business Coach has really opened my mind to see beyond just being able to say that I have a business but to invest my time, energy and resources into a lucrative venture that can really help me realize my dreams.

– Sonya Forrester April 2015

Your strategy was well executed as evident in the results and I dare to say that most of us have achieved our individual goal. You did a fantastic job of explaining the various concepts and took the time to ensure that learning was transferred. Many thanks for all the advice given and a job well done.

-Audrey B.

You were a great lecturer. I was happy that you helped the class to apply the theory in a practical manner in a Guyana situation. I passed with a credit and the grade has encouraged me to do better. Thank you.

-Lisa A.


Mr. Doerga,
Thankyou for your excellent approach to teaching, which helped me to understand the importance and application of Strategic Management, I received my grade this morning, it was a pass with distinction for the assignment and examination.
I look forward to working with you in the course that you facilitate

Best regards,

Mikhail A.

Many thanks for your excellent lecture sessions, it made the material very practical and easy to understand. I am very sure that the batch will utilize the learning in the other courses. Keep the great job up!

-Kelvin S.

Strategic Management Student Feedback:

Good learning tactics were employed.  Very organised and detailed presentation. His practical experience is vital to the teaching of this course. Best facilitator so far. Excellent tutorial skills demonstrated by the facilitator. Facilitator did an excellent job in helping students understand how the theory is in real life situations. I have gained a good understanding of the subject. Mr Doerga was focused and did not stray from the subject. Vishnu has a strong knowledge and experience in this subject. He is simplistic in his explanations and encouraged class participation. This facilitator was very impressive and used numerous relevant examples to bring home the point. I was able to relate the lectures to the test and assignment. Lecturer was naturally comfortable with subject, delivery was excellent. Use of practical examples helped me a lot. Vishnu should be given additional modules in the MBA program. Teaching style is very practical and easy to understand. Facilitator uses practical examples enabling us to connect to the theories. Excellent facilitator who clearly commands a great understanding of the subject.

International Business Student Feedback:

The facilitator has exhibited a most dedicated approach of facilitating this subject, in keeping with the stages provided in the topic tasks. He has in my view, managed and encouraged full participation of the students in an interactive manner. Mr Doerga is a great facilitator. It was a pleasure working with him. Mr Doerga is very efficient in highlighting, strengthening points for better capacity in the IB course.

ActionCOACH Guyana completed its first ActionCLUB program which commenced on 12thAugust 2015 and concluded on November 4th, 2015.

Comments/ Feedback

What Value did you get from this program?

  • -A better understanding of the goals of my company and it helped me to communicate better with the other employees as well as the customers—Safraz- employee
  • -It helped me to focus on the work site since I have learnt a lot about business and I am more positive. Dindyal- employee
  • -Helped to be better able to communicate with customers and helped me to now identify faults I could not have seen before- Abraham-employee
  • -I have learnt to be a better person in business and as an individual. I have learnt how to do things better and safer.- Ameer employee
  • -The skill to plan, delegate tasks, better communicate and other organizational skills which help to foster better team work- Tulsidia & Rameez- Owners
  • -The value of the practical approach of ActionCLUB to grow my business. A lot of real situational strategies and working action plans were developed.- Ryon- Owner ( The Solution Center)
  • -It gave me more confidence in my position as a boss to delegate and train staff members. It further taught me that planning and setting goals are important- Christine (Asst. Manager- Oriental General store)
  • -The tools that I have been shown and am able to apply in my business. Premendra (owner/Manager- Oriental General Store)

How has your Business changed?

  • -The default diary plays a major role in the business Safraz- employee.
  • -The team is now able to sit and discuss in a better manner on what have to be done Dindyal- employee
  • -The business has changed because I have put into action what I had learnt from ActionCLUB- Abraham-employee
  • -The business has improved and I can see that there is more room for growth, but with time Ameer-employee
  • -Increased and Improved work force, improved marketing and conflict resolution. Tulsidia & Rameez- Owners (Rohoman Electrical)
  • -There is now a clear vision and path toward achieving my start up. I have a growing plan of action to get the business to where I want it. The value of the practical approach of ActionCLUB to grow my business. A lot of real situational strategies and working action plans were developed.- Ryon- Owner ( The Solution Center)
  • -Social media presence has made the business more recognized. I have learnt systems for implementing solutions and solving problems- Christine (Asst. Manager- Oriental General store)
  • -Our business has become more efficient in its operations. Premendra (owner/Manager- Oriental General Store)

How has your life change?

  • -It changed repeatedly- more work got done easily and quicker Safraz- employee
  • -My life has changed because I have seen my business improved. Abraham-employee
  • -My life is better that before because I got to learn about business and how I can run my own business in the future- Ameer-employee
  • -Life has become clearer in terms of time management which allows for more non-business/ personal things. I have also learned management skills which have so far helped me in all aspects of life and goals are now clearer and achievable. Tulsidia & Rameez- Owners
  • -I feel more disciplined and focused on critical points that will move me forward in a speedier manner. – Ryon- Owner (The Solution Center)
  • -It has opened my mind to a wider vision of the business and where it can go. Also using and learning about DISC profiling has helped me understand myself, spouse, children, family, staff and customers. Christine (Asst. Manager- Oriental General store)
  • -Life has become more focused in achieving personal goals. Premendra (owner/Manager- Oriental General Store)

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