Lets face it. We all want to be successful. Success, however, means different things to different persons. Having food on the table today can mean success to a struggling single parent, feeling loved can mean success to a good spouse, changing the world for better can mean success to you.

Have you thought about what success means for you? If not, get at it. Or not.

Wanting to be successful, has a whole host of requirements among which, planning your moves, having the discipline to put in the work and realizing when your opportunity for success has arrived. Sometimes, it seems like just going with the flow is so much easier and it probably is. The way you were nurtured coupled with your natural talents form the basis of what you believe success will look like to you. If no one in your family completed tertiary education, you become successful by doing so, if you believe that to be important, in improving your standing.

I can just imagine a world where everyone aims for the ultimate successes, it just does not seem possible. I then realize that without that unique internal measure of success that everyone possesses, the world would be very lopsided. This eases my worries of wanting to push people too hard towards what I believe their success looks like.

It also leads me to conclude that perhaps an even more important measure of one’s life is not success, but happiness. Over my lifetime I have seen happiness in persons from all walks of life, and it usually looks the same. Happiness is easier seen than success and probably rightly so. While success requires effort of some kind, happiness usually indicates acceptance of and contentment with the circumstances.

It would be ideal to be both successful and happy. Strive to do so. But if success, at any point, seems illusive, remember those treasured words:

Don’t Worry, be Happy!

Every little thing, is going to be Alright!

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