Success by giving!!

Everyone wants to be successful!

From professionals to politicians to criminals to YOU.

It’s important to understand a few key factors that can help you meet success halfway.

Firstly, people are generally selfish and are more interested in their success than yours. This is completely normal and most likely a product of our evolution, where fighting for your own survival was paramount.

Secondly, people are only really obligated to you if you are of value to them. This concept is based on the first factor since it is in your self interest to be around persons that can support you.

And thirdly, success is like a bank account where you have to make continuous deposits, however small, to one day, be able to reap the rewards.

Now, how will understanding these factors bring you success?

I have learnt that there are generally two ways, by creating a strategic plan and implementing it or by winging to success through making every possible deposit to your success account. For most of my life i have used the first method to achieve all targets set. For the part ten years or so, i have started leaning more towards the second method after having been the recipient of the method by a relative who is now more like a best friend. Using a combination is probably the best way of achieving success. The advantages of the first method include clear objectives, steps and knowing when you have achieved your goal. Examples are finding a partner, landing a job or getting qualified.

The biggest benefit of using the second method is the possibility of opening the floodgates of success.

You do this by giving your best effort to every opportunity that arises which falls within your ability and does not negatively affect your being.

Now i do not mean charity. While charity is good, it is usually a short term solution and breeds dependence. Better ways include gaining and sharing knowledge, skills and insights that can provide lasting progress in the life of the recipient. This sharing of what you possess will create an aura around you that will attract opportunities and success to you. In my case, opportunities and success that i could not have even planned for. Life becomes more exciting for you and everyone you touch by your acts.

And now for the fine print. Unlike the first method where you only take calculated actions towards the fulfillment of your plan, the second method requires sincerity in all your actions. Fake or flatter, and people will quickly disregard your efforts.

Now, go forth and achieve success by giving success to all!

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