Square Pegs

I’m not legally or politically trained…at least, not yet. I am trained in engineering and business administration. These are areas that both focus achieving solutions in the most efficient and effective way. No popularity or bureaucratic circus show, just results.

It still amazes me that a fair amount of the populace chooses their leaders based on how well they blame their opponents or how grand the promises are. Well, can’t blame them if that is all that is available.

There are usually multiple solutions to any issues and what follows is my suggestion. My suggestion would however require a brand new constitution. First of all, If there are two large competing companies, it is unlikely that one company has all the best human and other resources. It therefore means that our human resources are spread over the various factions that exist. A system needs to be created that allows access to the best of our human resources.

Every senior position and for that matter any position, requires a job description in order to outline the requirements, responsibilities and rewards attached. As well as reprimands and sanctions for non-performance. Instead of the current popularity contest that prevails, a more logical and effective solution to ensure that we have the best candidates fill the many critical positions would be to have a fair and transparent application process. Applicants for every single post from the President to the Ministers and beyond would be screened by a council of respected, patriotic, qualified Guyanese. The setting up of this council would probably be the most difficult matter, but should not be beyond the realm of possibility. Such a system would promote inclusiveness, equal opportunity, high performance and replacement of non/poorly functioning individuals.

Of course, in a true democracy, the voice of the populace should have been able to make these changes anyhow, as seen in our neighboring states. I guess we are still maturing.

Continuing with the status quo where Guyanese see each other as enemies as against allies will continue to hamper accelerated social and economic development.

What do you suggest we do?

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