Respect your body!

How do you treat your body?

Do you go with the flow and postpone getting into shape to some other convenient time?
Are you taking the steps necessary to ensure that you will not be overrun by sicknesses in the near future?

As a youngster I was always into sports…any sport…as long as I could participate.
To this day I can stand looking passively at any sport, be it on TV or in person. I just want to be out there, involved.

In my 20’s, focused on building a career and several businesses, my health and fitness took a backseat.
The calorie intake increased and round became my shape 🙂

It is strange in a way that my mind was still in my younger, fitter days but my body was somewhere else.
Three instances helped me wake up to the fact that I needed to realize the importance of possessing a healthy & strong body.

Firstly, on apprehending a drug abuser (junkie) who had just stolen a part on my vehicle, I realized that I needed nearly all my strength to subdue him. This could not be right, I thought. I surely eat better than him!?!

Secondly, when a close friend of mine broke his leg and needed to be carried up a step. While I did manage the feat of lifting and walking up the steps and into the house with a friend, heavier than me, I needed to immediatley sit down and recover for about 5 minutes since my strength had completely disappeared. Thank God (by all his or her names) for Adrenaline!!

And thirdly, the biggest eye opener, getting a call a few years ago, close to my birthday, that my uncle, who was one of the best doctors in the world (no kidding, google Manorath Doerga) died from a brain aneurysm. He spent his lifetime saving so many, much to the extent that others interests came before his own.

I understood all too clearly then, that if you do not take good care of yourself, you can not, in the long term, take care of those around you.

So at that point I made the resolution of getting in the best shape of my life… far, so good.

Some lessons learnt:

Getting in shape is not a one week, one month, or one year activity.
It’s a complete change in lifestyle…..forever.

Once you understand that….have a picture in your mind of what you want to become….then….you start looking forward to the pain…..sorry….I meant workout

Another struggle I had was in my mind, since in my line of work there was always something seemingly more important than spending time in the gym. Such as attending meetings, working on the business and even some family time.

I found that Choosing to put myself first was definitely not an easy choice for me- as I am sure for all of you.
We put spouses, kids, family, work, ambitions etc ahead of our own well-being.

I hope my experience helps you in understanding that you need to take care of yourself before you can take of others (wow…I sound like an aircraft host: be sure to adjust your own oxygen mask, before helping anyone in your care)

Be strong!!

And Remember…

You can’t buy another body…yet, so make sure this one lasts.

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