Proper Speech

What I thought would have been a quick 15 minute visit to register a company at a state agency turned out to be an one hour interesting encounter with an employee there.

This person spoke with such eloquence, tact and knowledge that I had to commend him on his command of the English language. The impression he made on me, made me inquire if he ever received formal speech training.

Surely enough he did, he was a Toastmaster, and this really came out in the method in which he delivered his material.

This brings me back to a deep seated belief I have, that is to actively seek self development. Self development should not be something that is forced upon you. It is important to realize that the best way to receive more for your efforts is to increase your value.

It is always better to be in a position where your value is above your position than being in a position for which you do not possess the value. The latter situation will always result in poor performance and limited upward mobility, unless your organization is littered with individuals who hold positions beyond their value.

When your increasing value, through self development, is recognized, you will be able to benefit materially and otherwise. Of course, some around you may resent your improved capacities. It is up to them to work on themselves and you to show them the way, preferably by example.

Kudos to my new friend, you are a ray of hope. Shine brightly and spread the light that emanates from your words.

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