There was a guy who held his job for some time, while all along another guy was preaching that he could do a better job. Finally, after 28 months the other guy got the job. He did a slightly better job although many promises are still unfulfilled. Now, another 23 months have come and gone. More people are promising an even better performance. Our second guy seems stuck and tired, but still believes in himself. Since this is our company, we need to decide if we want more of the same, give the fresh (old) guys a chance or change our company policies to allow for hiring more guys who will then have to constructively work together for the greater good or get FIRED.

Of course, In a company, we hire managers to meet certain objectives. If they are unable to do so, we replace them as after a reasonable period of time. Seems that our probation period is 5 months. Why do we wait so long?


(guys can be substituted for gals, whichever you prefer, once they are competent)

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