Preventing Exhaustion

A few days ago I felt so tired and exhausted after a long time. I guess that’s the price for wanting to complete every item on an impossible schedule.

I have been doing this for so long now that it has become second nature. The problem seems to be the ageing effect.

Boundless, immediate energy seems to have been replaced by scheduled bursts of limited energy. A Razor sharp mind and amazing memory occasionally freezes, requiring an instant reboot. Although in pretty good shape, I’m sometimes amused by my body not adequately responding to my mind’s instructions.

A new challenge? That’s exactly up my alley.

As an engineer, you are indoctrinated with the unshakable belief that every problem can, and in all likelihood will, be solved utilizing the appropriate, available resources.

It would be really great if there was a one-size-fits-all approach to this dilemma. Since we all would like to believe that we are special and unique in our own little way, it should not be difficult to understand that you may need to find your own answers.

An easy solution would be to not search at all, accept the process as inevitable and be as happy as you can be.

My solutions, until I can think of better ones, are to prioritize the activities requiring my attention. Ensuring that the important gets done provides the momentum required for upward mobility. Another great productivity tool is to ensure that you understand the acceptance criteria for activities you are involved in. If you need to report on a meeting and all that is required are the action points, then it makes no sense spending hours trying to create the all-inclusive perfect report.

And most importantly, especially for individuals like myself, learn to say NO. The urge to take up every challenge, fulfill every request and filling every time-slot, is a surefire way to get into the burnout zone.

These three tools should help you maintain productivity and your sanity. Remember that if you get burnt out, someone else will fill the void….life goes on, take care of yourself.

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