I can remember as a young boy witnessing the many political rallies taking place around elections in my hometown of Nickerie. I saw the hype created and always wondered why my family never got caught up in it.

My grand father, who i had the privilege of spending a lot of time with, explained our family’s perspective to me.

He indicated that as a family of professionals we would always be bound by what is rational and logical. In contrast to politics, as we know it, where most politicians tell their audience whatever they want to hear in order to get their votes.

Have you ever been at a small political gathering where persons vent their various frustrations, only to be solemly guaranteed that all will be magically in order. This audience is then appeased.

Any ethical professional will find it impossible to make any statements not based on facts and would therefore make for a poor politician under the current circumstances.

So the advice given to me by my grandfather in his own words was: ‘Always ensure that you do what is ethical, professional and can withstand scrutiny. Do not get swayed by politicians, they will come and go, you are meant to be in it for the long run’.

Great words from a great father.

This advice had served me well and increased my value tremendously.

However, as I grow older, I also realize that the key driver in national development is the government and the opposition, which incidentally are made up of mainly politicians.

The key barrier to developing a progressive working system is a gullible citizenry who blindly believe anything their leaders spout.

In progressive societies, random citizens routinely discuss the impact of draft legislation, global happenings and local developments on their lives and their nation. Unfortunately, in our society the random discussion focuses on infidelity, gossip and scheming in the most narrow of ways.

While we are seeing progress towards a more professional society, the rate is slow.

I would therefore urge that you support as best as you can, any drive towards professional thinking. This can be by way of formal education, mentoring, discussions and creating a culture of rational questioning.

If we can achieve the momentum required in our lifetime, we could speed into the promising future we all deserve.

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