Everyone wants to be really successful. Being average is easy. Several factors drive success including a great idea, knowledge to make it work, access to relevant resources etc. However, one common factor among the many continuously successful people that I know is Discipline. Building discipline takes discipline. So take your discipline level and apply it […]

Mala Culture

Could it be that we spoil our public servants? From the top dog to the front line rep, we neglect to be demanding, critical and to expect more. For my colleagues who have chosen public service, kudos to you. Similar to the way we hope that doctors should ideally choose the health of humanity and […]

I Am and I Will

I Am and I Will! I am Human – I will Love. I am a Husband – I will Understand. I am a Father – I will Hope. I am a Student – I will Grow. I am a Teacher – I will Share. I am a Scientist – I will Experiment. I am an […]


WHY? I always want to know the WHY of everything. Knowing the WHY empowers you. It removes helplessness and hopelessness. If something does not make sense to you, ask simple questions: WHY do you say that? HOW are you planning to achieve that? WHEN do you think this will become a reality? WHO will be […]

Business Success and Failure

Business people take many things into consideration before investing. Among these are the political and economic climate. The most important considerations however still remain a feasible business model, access to finance and an adequate market. While most businesses have no issue with others taking credit for their success, what happens to the 80% that fail […]

Extra Lessons

I can still remember 20 years ago when I first noticed that school children would go to extra lessons after school in order to do well at school. This was completely foreign to me since school was where you were supposed to be formally educated. Having the creativity and childhood beaten out of our children […]

National Progress

Many suggestions are proposed for running the country. Some more interesting than others, many are as appeasing as they are illogical. The real solution for intense and sustained development is simple but not easy. Simple because the solution is used by us everyday, not easy, because in many cases it does not benefit those seeking […]


This election is an academic’s dream. Having a full scale experiment staged that empirically measures the intelligence of the population is a great event. A lot of election messages currently peddled fall in the categories of scaremongering, ill-informed opinions and race-hate. How the population deciphers, values and sorts all these messages it will be bombarded […]



Please cite the author of any post you are making which does not belong to you. The persons who created or documented that knowledge need to be respected. If you don’t cite their work it becomes akin to theft, stealing materials and passing it of as your own a.k.a. plagiarism. Imagine if you develop something […]


There was a guy who held his job for some time, while all along another guy was preaching that he could do a better job. Finally, after 28 months the other guy got the job. He did a slightly better job although many promises are still unfulfilled. Now, another 23 months have come and gone. […]

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