Opportunism & Opportunists


Is it really as bad as its made out to be?

Opportunity is defined as a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

The Oxford Dictionary defines opportunism as “the practice of looking for and using opportunities to gain an advantage for oneself, usually without considering if this is fair or right.” I’m not sure moral rationale should be part of the definition, and therefore it can be simplified as “An opportunist is someone that finds and takes advantage of opportunities.”

Since we look for a time or a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something, are we therefore opportunist? I guess we are!

In my opinion, being an opportunist is being aware enough of your environment to realize when you can achieve something that will not only benefit yourself, but depending on the situation, your family, community and even your country.

The biggest caution to be employed is ensuring that your decisions remain ethical and fair to all involved. If you are unclear, seek guidance, if you know your decision can harm someone, refrain from such opportunities.

We are told to take opportunities, some of us even pray for opportunities to come our way. Would it not be self-defeating, not to take good ethical opportunities that benefit us when they are discovered, without the fear of being labelled an opportunist?

I’m hoping that once you can make fair decisions, you look forward to being labelled an opportunist, since it tells the world that you saw, thought and conquered.

There is a word for those who knowingly take opportunities to the detriment of others, they are called frauds. Know the difference and choose wisely.

Finally, never think that any opportunity is too great or even the last you will come across. Opportunity is all around you. Be prepared.

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