National Progress

Many suggestions are proposed for running the country. Some more interesting than others, many are as appeasing as they are illogical. The real solution for intense and sustained development is simple but not easy. Simple because the solution is used by us everyday, not easy, because in many cases it does not benefit those seeking power.

When you are sick, do you go to your lifelong friend, someone with your skin color or do you go to the most qualified doctor you can find?

Do you send your kids to your neighbors for education or to the best school (and extra lessons in our case) you have access to?

When you want to take your business to the next level, do you ask a family member for advice or do you access the most competent business coach around?
We can agree that it is more important that whoever provides you with service should be competent. If they are likable, you should consider that a bonus.

It is possible to create a detailed job description listing the qualifications, experience and all other requirements for every post in the public sector from president to police officer. This is done in the private sector from CEO to security guard. Publish these vacancies and select the most competent individuals for each post. Simple not easy, or maybe it’s both. We really won’t know until it’s done.

Imagine if the West Indies could not pick Gayle or Chanderpaul because they belonged to the wrong party.
In theory, they are picked due to their high level of competence.

If you start thinking and acting this way, results will be more forthcoming and you will not be afraid to fire a non performer.

Until we arrive at this ideal situation, instead of feeling appeased when we hear the political rhetoric, ask your leaders:

“Can you demonstrate to me what makes you eligible for the post you are seeking and are you the best candidate for the job?”

I hope that they do not choke.

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