Mala Culture

Could it be that we spoil our public servants? From the top dog to the front line rep, we neglect to be demanding, critical and to expect more. For my colleagues who have chosen public service, kudos to you. Similar to the way we hope that doctors should ideally choose the health of humanity and lawyers choose service to justice as their reasons for choosing their paths, instead of the love of money. Frequently this seems like wishful thinking, especially given the fact that humans are generally selfish creatures. We first take care of ourselves, then those connected to us and maybe, just maybe, we look at the greater good.

When, out of this chaos, true public servants arise, we then make the mistake of not holding them accountable. We drape garlands around their necks and absorb all their utterings without critical thinking. A true public servant knows their role and plays it well. Let us recognize this and play our part.

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