Leadership Dynamics

As I age nearer to becoming a senior in society, I find myself thinking about that role. Being a young energetic professional, it has been relatively easy to identify weaknesses and recommend solutions to the varied systems I have been privileged to be a part of. Operating from a peripheral level allows almost anyone the ability to do so.

I realize however that the issues facing us, while not always complex, are numerous. We should be thankful to the old warriors for putting their shoulders to the wheel for so long. Logically, active training of new blood and timely democratic succession planning is required to reinvigorate our tired nation. Age has now taught me that very few things adhere to logics.

Therefore, new solutions are needed whilst the realization of our predicament sets in. Leaders who possess attributes such as good ethics, openness, thoughtfulness, tenacity and creativity need to step and maybe even stumble up to the plate. They can no longer hope for magical change at the top or wait for someone else to lead. Before YOU take the challenge, ensure that you have nothing to hide, be justified in your positions, be open to reasonable compromise and above all don’t react to every undeveloped Tom, Dick or Harriram with an agenda. Develop a thick skin, not bitterness towards the critics. Let them know that you are interested in their development as well, even if they can’t fathom it. They, more than many, need your leadership, since their past experiences may have left deep scars.

Leadership, to me, does not mean being at the head of the table but heading the table with your ideas, inputs and energy. You can lead by supporting credible leaders. You can lead by teaching love and hope above hate and depression to all in your reach. You can lead by creating and giving opportunities in abundance.

Life is more than just existing, believe that!

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  1. Adrian Inniss Adrian Inniss
    August 20, 2014    

    I absolutely agree with you. Leadership is not just about having a title or position, but rather to be able to creating opportunities, working and achieving positive goals and importantly adding value to lives of others that will lead to their personal development, even the critics.

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