Knowledge is Power

In our society we usually equate money or position with power. From early on, before I had either money or position power, I was thought that knowledge is the greatest source of power. The more you know, and more importantly, the more you can apply what you know with success, the more valuable you become. Because you continue to build your value by adding more and more knowledge, your position improves and your earnings start to reflect your value.

This is by no means a short term process and in my case took almost a decade to prove fruitful. The advantage with value that is slowly but surely built is that it can not be instantaneously eroded.  Society will recognize that you are an individual of substance even if you stumble, much unlike the fly-by-night successes who just as quickly disappear or are seen as lucky flukes.

Allow yourself to experience various learning fields from legal frameworks to drama and even….rocket science!

Soak in the knowledge you discover as if your life depended on it, in some cases you will notice your value-meter surging upward with nuggets of wisdom you can immediately apply in your personal or professional life.

While you may be thinking about big boring books (which sometimes are still the best source of knowledge), the information age has brought us a multitude of media via which we can satisfy our educational cravings. These range from visual and auditory to experiential learning opportunities. My favorite these days is bite size educational videos on

Find your favorite method and build your value, one nugget at a time.

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  1. Nicolas Nicolas
    April 5, 2015    

    Amazing thanks for sharing!

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