High Performers

Where do all the high performers in terms of intelligence go?

We are very good at driving and grading our students, we make a big deal about their academic achievements every year around this time. Maybe it is time to determine where the top 10% actually ends up. Ideally this 10% should have found itself in the most critical and senior positions across this country in every sector.

If they have found themselves in these critical positions then Guyana deserves exactly what it is getting.

If not, then the theory of the masses electing people like themselves holds true and even then Guyana is still receiving exactly what it deserves.

The top 10% will always be capable of taking care of themselves and more. If only the logical steps could be taken. Wishful thinking?……more like Logical thinking!

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  1. Adrian Inniss Adrian Inniss
    August 24, 2015    

    humph. I would like to “think” or believe I am in the Top 10%. However, most of the folks I know who would have Graduated with me from Queens College are more interested in the opportunities available overseas, and a lot of the students that actually stay here are interested in professions in the legal and medical field. these areas are critical yes, but I believe entrepreneurship is as well. but this belief is as rare maybe as the Canje pheasant and we have a society hardly encourages entrepreneurship.

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