Growth Environment

Improve your environment!

If you want to achieve your goals there is a lot of work to do. However, the results from harder work are usually temporary if you do not improve your environment and your influencers.

One practical way to do so is to seek out and become a student, friend or member of progressive people, groups and organizations.

Please remember that nothing is perfect. So pick the traits, values and skills that you want to develop and focus on growing those.

My recommendations are as follows:

Professionals and Seniors – to provide guidance, coaching and accountability om a regular basis. I have too many to mention and I am eternally grateful for their presence and contributions to my life.

Religious institutions to provide perspectives and belonging. I study and have taken tools and lessons from all available sources. Do not get brainwashed though, make choices because your ethics tell you it is right or else rogue religious elements can misuse your faith.

Spiritual organizations to provide a sense of peace, purpose and self control. The Brahma Kumaris organization on High street is a good option. Finding peace and reducing stress actually accelerate you on your life’s journey.

Communication and leadership development organizations such as Toastmasters. Cacique Toastmasters and Georgetown Toastmasters are recommended. Knowledge is abundant, the principled application of knowledge is Power!

Health and fitness clubs to provide improvement and maintenance for your mind and soul’s vehicle which is your body. Good options are Total Fitness Gym Corriverton, Fit-Rex: Fitness Training, TopEnd Guyana. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a coach that will keep you focused on your goals.
All my recommendations have done so for me.

Get friends that provide constructive criticism and moral support geared at growing YOU. More importantly, DO the same for them. I notice far too often that we like the feel of lips on our rears, that we actually avoid those who could kick us in the rear to move in the right direction.

Remember that you are where you are, because of your own choices.

If you want better, improve your environment, grow and make better choices.

Love your Family, Love your Teams & Always Love your Self!

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