Obtaining credit with the intent to defraud is a criminal offense. Some persons commit this offense to get rich quick with the hope of not getting caught, some just make uneducated (stupid) decisions.

In my line of work, I come across persons who seem to have obtained their jobs under false pretenses. They are persons who continuously find excuses, blame everyone and everything else for their failure to deliver results. Results, which they are paid for to deliver. This is extremely annoying since in some manner, we are all paying for their lack of performance. In the private sector by paying for products and services that include the cost of inefficient work and in the public sector by our taxes being spent on non-productivity.

Solutions to this dilemma can lead to a cumulative effect that bodes well for faster national development. Three proposed solutions that can be utilized are listed in a progressive order below.

Well directed training that is willingly absorbed should provide the skills necessary for improved job performance. Achieving results or at a bare minimum, replacing excuses with proposals, will raise the level of value received for money spent.

Better job description formulation and hiring practices will allow for a competency based system that selects individuals capable of meeting the organizations objectives.

Identifying the frauds via job analyses and other human resource tools will allow for organizations to demand their resignations, appropriately reassign them or remove them for non-performance.

As long as we continue to look the other way and allow ‘impostor employees’ to project busy-ness we will continue to reap more of the same. The same mediocrity, the same stagnation and the same excuses. The similarity between ‘obtaining credit with the intent to defraud’ and ‘obtaining a salary with the intent not to perform’ are striking.

The question is: Are you ready to do what is necessary? Remember that whether you are or not, you are still paying the bills!


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