I sometimes forget what fear feels like. I know that once I do what is right and can justify my actions, there is absolutely nothing to be fearful about. Anyone attempting to intimidate me using fear tactics will be made to look malicious and foolish. If something is pointed out that I may have missed, I would thank the person for doing so and proceed to amend my ways.

This morning was therefore a timely reminder that fear still affects a lot of persons. Some of the serious economic heavyweights in this country indicated how fearful they were of very real victimization if they were seen to be advocating for their own rights. These were not your average 65,000 dollar a month citizens, but billion dollar traders. The fear of victimization is evident whenever you get to converse just below the surface talk.

My advice would be to stand up for what you believe is right. Remember that everyone can not be victimized at the same time. It is easy to go after one or two at a time, but larger numbers usually win the battle.

The main reason some can’t stand up for what they believe in, is that they themselves benefit from the current system in one form or the other. I would encourage this group to get their houses in order sooner than later, because ill gotten gains will always result in an ill life.

The advice above is not the easiest to implement, so take it one act at a time. The liberating feeling you get from every time you promote what is right becomes addictive. Soon it becomes your way of life.

Get on with it…a lot persons are waiting for YOU to lead the way.

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