Extra Lessons

I can still remember 20 years ago when I first noticed that school children would go to extra lessons after school in order to do well at school. This was completely foreign to me since school was where you were supposed to be formally educated. Having the creativity and childhood beaten out of our children with the constant cramming of English and Mathematics among other subjects will be the focus of one of my future articles.

Today, I recalled the pride we take in free universal primary and soon-to-be secondary education. I interview a significant amount of applicants on a weekly basis and coming across a gem is a rarity. However, I wonder where we would have been today without the extra lessons phenomenon. When attending graduations it has become commonplace for students to thank their extra lessons teachers for their performance even above their school teachers and parents.

Dealing with the ethical dilemma of paying twice for a service we have already been taxed once for, is a struggle. Not to mention teachers, who sometimes purposely create this situation.

Until the system gets fixed, and YES it needs serious fixing, we should give thanks to the invaluable contributions made by these extra lessons teachers.

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