This election is an academic’s dream. Having a full scale experiment staged that empirically measures the intelligence of the population is a great event.
A lot of election messages currently peddled fall in the categories of scaremongering, ill-informed opinions and race-hate.
How the population deciphers, values and sorts all these messages it will be bombarded with, and how it decides to casts its votes will gauge how far we have come as a GUYANESE nation.
Try to filter out the facts, do your research and make decisions which will benefit Guyana. At the end of the day, you do call yourself a Guyanese (instead of a Black or Coolie Man/Woman), right?
PS. Please remember that elections are not life and death matters, you basically just choose for the party whose plans for the future and capacity to implement and execute these plans most resonate with you.
PPS. Elections happen at most every five years….if you don’t like the results…..choose another option.

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