We never asked to be brought into this world. But here we are. What are our responsibilities, our functions, our rewards?

It seems, while guided by laws and in some cases religion, that our direction lies in every choice we make.

Do we want to be like our parents, our teachers, our heroes or something completely different?
Do we want to have an easy life, surviving way within our boundaries….
Or do we want to test these ‘boundaries’, go beyond and be our BEST….and maybe even among the best in our field.

My entry into this ‘blogging atmosphere’ was inspired mainly by the teachings of Jim Rohn, who believed deeply, in capturing life in writing as you experienced it and by seeing a friend take that leap very recently.

I expect this experience to help myself and those who take the time to read my thoughts.

I have had a busy life, becoming independent during my early teen years instilled a sense of responsibility in me that drove and still drives me to excel in every endeavor. Today, when I’m introduced or when persons read of my journey, they expect a person in their 50’s. Not bad for a 33 year old.

There are so many lessons I have learnt along the way that it would be selfish of me not to share these.
I will attempt to illustrate these in the coming blogs, but one of the most important lessons is as follows:

Decide what you want in life and work at it. One method of doing this is by failing fast.
What do I mean with this?

Many times we have good ideas and good opportunities…and many times we let them pass us by.
The method of failing fast prescribes that you analyse the idea/opportunity, and if deemed feasible, you make every effort to bring it to life. Set a sufficient amount of time, by which you can establish if you are successful. If unsuccessful, try to recover as much of the resources as possible, and move on to the next feasible project.

So until next time, try to examine your good ideas and opportunities, and give it your best shot.


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