Christmas Gift!

I believe that everyone is blessed with at least one gift. A gift that is meant to serve them firstly, their family circle next and then their community/country/world. The sad thing is that many persons never take the time and make the effort to discover their gift(s) and go through life as spectators wondering why others succeed.
Try many activities, volunteer, attend a class, run, sing, dance………..explore until it hits you!!
Your gift will amaze you and those around you. It will feel effortless and grow as you practice it. It will take care of you and your goals, if you take care of it by nurturing it with care and commitment.
I always thought my gift was to learn at an amazing speed, I now realize that my gift has evolved into teaching at an amazing speed. My gift is serving many and I look forward to how this exciting journey unfolds.
So this Christmas, find the gift within you and GROW!

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