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Are You Above Or Below The Line?

Are You Above Or Below The Line? If you’re aiming to build your business, leadership is one of those areas where you should constantly be looking to grow and improve. Leadership is an ongoing process and quite often your individual style of leadership will develop as you respond to challenges that arise over time. There’s […]

Business Coaching Outline


Read & Grow! BE × DO = HAVE Everyone knows what they want to HAVE, some actually DO what is necessary, however very few work on who they need to BEcome. The best way to know that you are learning and growing is by distilling your wisdom and making it available to others seeking growth. […]

Private Sector Change

In my opinion, we need to move these Private Sector Organizations and Business Support Organizations (BSO’s) in a direction that places them on equal footing with the operations of a Government Ministry for example (in terms of resources available, and of course with higher levels of efficiency). The current structure of every one of our […]

Growth Environment

Improve your environment! If you want to achieve your goals there is a lot of work to do. However, the results from harder work are usually temporary if you do not improve your environment and your influencers. One practical way to do so is to seek out and become a student, friend or member of […]

Christmas Gift!

I believe that everyone is blessed with at least one gift. A gift that is meant to serve them firstly, their family circle next and then their community/country/world. The sad thing is that many persons never take the time and make the effort to discover their gift(s) and go through life as spectators wondering why […]

Better Customer Service? Who Pays?

Unless business owners, executives and managers invest in themselves by way of training they will never understand the need for customer service training. They probably know they need to invest in customer service training but since one of only ways they know to make profits right now is by selling cheaper than their competition, they […]

Extra Lessons

I can still remember 20 years ago when I first noticed that school children would go to extra lessons after school in order to do well at school. This was completely foreign to me since school was where you were supposed to be formally educated. Having the creativity and childhood beaten out of our children […]



Please cite the author of any post you are making which does not belong to you. The persons who created or documented that knowledge need to be respected. If you don’t cite their work it becomes akin to theft, stealing materials and passing it of as your own a.k.a. plagiarism. Imagine if you develop something […]


The majority of people are busy just getting their life together. They do not spend much time thinking about solutions to the flaws in our system. They probably know that they are being taken for a ride and hope that the driver is heading in the ‘right’ direction. Unfortunately, reality reflects that even agreeing what […]

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