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Entrepreneurship Solution?

It is important to note that the majority of our population just wants a decent stable income which can fund their own “good” life.   Given the recent government encouragements for persons to pursue entrepreneurship, it would be good to determine what the incentives are.   The failure rate among startups is very high (80% […]

Added Value?

Guyana’s Biggest Challenge to Adding Value: Past, Current & Future Brain Drain. An inventory of Guyana’s varied resources will surely result in us being one of the wealthiest countries per capita, at least on paper. We know that unlocking this wealth requires adding value to our national industries and diversification into more attractive investment opportunities. […]

Business Success and Failure

Business people take many things into consideration before investing. Among these are the political and economic climate. The most important considerations however still remain a feasible business model, access to finance and an adequate market. While most businesses have no issue with others taking credit for their success, what happens to the 80% that fail […]


Obtaining credit with the intent to defraud is a criminal offense. Some persons commit this offense to get rich quick with the hope of not getting caught, some just make uneducated (stupid) decisions. In my line of work, I come across persons who seem to have obtained their jobs under false pretenses. They are persons […]

Vehicle Taxes

It seems that the main categories of persons who can (afford to) drive those nice new LandCruisers are government officials, diplomats, extremely successful business people, drug dealers and tax evaders. The first two are not burdened by the 50 million taxes on a vehicle costing around 10 million landed in Guyana. Business people who take investment […]

Square Pegs

I’m not legally or politically trained…at least, not yet. I am trained in engineering and business administration. These are areas that both focus achieving solutions in the most efficient and effective way. No popularity or bureaucratic circus show, just results. It still amazes me that a fair amount of the populace chooses their leaders based […]

Guyana’s Private Sector Representatio...

It is frequently said that the private sector is supposed to be the engine of growth in any economy. This should be no different in Guyana. But is it? Is there something wrong with our Engine? The main benefits that a healthy and vibrant private sector contribute to an economy are the payment of taxes […]

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