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Added Value?

Guyana’s Biggest Challenge to Adding Value: Past, Current & Future Brain Drain. An inventory of Guyana’s varied resources will surely result in us being one of the wealthiest countries per capita, at least on paper. We know that unlocking this wealth requires adding value to our national industries and diversification into more attractive investment opportunities. […]

High Performers

Where do all the high performers in terms of intelligence go? We are very good at driving and grading our students, we make a big deal about their academic achievements every year around this time. Maybe it is time to determine where the top 10% actually ends up. Ideally this 10% should have found itself […]


Everyone wants to be really successful. Being average is easy. Several factors drive success including a great idea, knowledge to make it work, access to relevant resources etc. However, one common factor among the many continuously successful people that I know is Discipline. Building discipline takes discipline. So take your discipline level and apply it […]

Mala Culture

Could it be that we spoil our public servants? From the top dog to the front line rep, we neglect to be demanding, critical and to expect more. For my colleagues who have chosen public service, kudos to you. Similar to the way we hope that doctors should ideally choose the health of humanity and […]

I Am and I Will

I Am and I Will! I am Human – I will Love. I am a Husband – I will Understand. I am a Father – I will Hope. I am a Student – I will Grow. I am a Teacher – I will Share. I am a Scientist – I will Experiment. I am an […]


WHY? I always want to know the WHY of everything. Knowing the WHY empowers you. It removes helplessness and hopelessness. If something does not make sense to you, ask simple questions: WHY do you say that? HOW are you planning to achieve that? WHEN do you think this will become a reality? WHO will be […]

Alcohol Abuse

I remember being 14 years old and getting excited when asked by some workers to join them for a ‘sport’ after work. After all, where I come from all kids are formally introduced to a variety of sports which improve physical fitness and, for the talented ones, can result in a professional sporting career. You […]


Obtaining credit with the intent to defraud is a criminal offense. Some persons commit this offense to get rich quick with the hope of not getting caught, some just make uneducated (stupid) decisions. In my line of work, I come across persons who seem to have obtained their jobs under false pretenses. They are persons […]

Valuable Team Members

We all would love to have valuable team members. A team in which every member efficiently and effectively performs their duties, will more than likely succeed. It is also said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Have you ever stopped to think, how valuable of a team member you are? […]


Lets face it. We all want to be successful. Success, however, means different things to different persons. Having food on the table today can mean success to a struggling single parent, feeling loved can mean success to a good spouse, changing the world for better can mean success to you. Have you thought about what […]

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