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Added Value?

Guyana’s Biggest Challenge to Adding Value: Past, Current & Future Brain Drain. An inventory of Guyana’s varied resources will surely result in us being one of the wealthiest countries per capita, at least on paper. We know that unlocking this wealth requires adding value to our national industries and diversification into more attractive investment opportunities. […]

Alcohol Abuse

I remember being 14 years old and getting excited when asked by some workers to join them for a ‘sport’ after work. After all, where I come from all kids are formally introduced to a variety of sports which improve physical fitness and, for the talented ones, can result in a professional sporting career. You […]

Preventing Exhaustion

A few days ago I felt so tired and exhausted after a long time. I guess that’s the price for wanting to complete every item on an impossible schedule. I have been doing this for so long now that it has become second nature. The problem seems to be the ageing effect. Boundless, immediate energy […]

Respect your body!

How do you treat your body? Do you go with the flow and postpone getting into shape to some other convenient time? Are you taking the steps necessary to ensure that you will not be overrun by sicknesses in the near future? As a youngster I was always into sports…any sport…as long as I could participate. […]

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