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High Performers

Where do all the high performers in terms of intelligence go? We are very good at driving and grading our students, we make a big deal about their academic achievements every year around this time. Maybe it is time to determine where the top 10% actually ends up. Ideally this 10% should have found itself […]


WHY? I always want to know the WHY of everything. Knowing the WHY empowers you. It removes helplessness and hopelessness. If something does not make sense to you, ask simple questions: WHY do you say that? HOW are you planning to achieve that? WHEN do you think this will become a reality? WHO will be […]

Business Success and Failure

Business people take many things into consideration before investing. Among these are the political and economic climate. The most important considerations however still remain a feasible business model, access to finance and an adequate market. While most businesses have no issue with others taking credit for their success, what happens to the 80% that fail […]

National Progress

Many suggestions are proposed for running the country. Some more interesting than others, many are as appeasing as they are illogical. The real solution for intense and sustained development is simple but not easy. Simple because the solution is used by us everyday, not easy, because in many cases it does not benefit those seeking […]


This election is an academic’s dream. Having a full scale experiment staged that empirically measures the intelligence of the population is a great event. A lot of election messages currently peddled fall in the categories of scaremongering, ill-informed opinions and race-hate. How the population deciphers, values and sorts all these messages it will be bombarded […]


There was a guy who held his job for some time, while all along another guy was preaching that he could do a better job. Finally, after 28 months the other guy got the job. He did a slightly better job although many promises are still unfulfilled. Now, another 23 months have come and gone. […]


Obtaining credit with the intent to defraud is a criminal offense. Some persons commit this offense to get rich quick with the hope of not getting caught, some just make uneducated (stupid) decisions. In my line of work, I come across persons who seem to have obtained their jobs under false pretenses. They are persons […]

Valuable Team Members

We all would love to have valuable team members. A team in which every member efficiently and effectively performs their duties, will more than likely succeed. It is also said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Have you ever stopped to think, how valuable of a team member you are? […]

Education Grants

Two billion of our tax paying dollars are currently being distributed to parents of students attending public schools across the country via $10,000 vouchers. Around 188,000 families are expected to benefit from this cash boost whether they need it or not. While I appreciate any form of assistance to the masses it is always very […]

Vehicle Taxes

It seems that the main categories of persons who can (afford to) drive those nice new LandCruisers are government officials, diplomats, extremely successful business people, drug dealers and tax evaders. The first two are not burdened by the 50 million taxes on a vehicle costing around 10 million landed in Guyana. Business people who take investment […]

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