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According to a practitioner there are anywhere between 300 (official number) to 1000 lawyers operating in Guyana. That is about 1 lawyer to every 1000 persons. With the continued lure towards this profession, we may soon arrive at a situation where everyone can truly have their ‘own’ lawyer.

From a business perspective however, the situation can be likened to our farming situation if condensed over time. Once peppers fetch a good price on the market every farmer jumps at growing peppers. Eventually you get a glut in the market, competition increases and prices dip significantly much to the benefit of consumers but short of the expectations of the producers.

Twenty years ago lawyers and to some extent doctors were in short supply and therefore extremely valuable. We are now around the point of saturation in these fields, while other critical fields have not been adequately populated with the required professionals. Fields such as economics, engineering, ICT and the lesser known niche fields which are today’s opportunity sectors.

While I have the utmost respect for lawyers (many of whom are friends and I plan to start my law degree soon), I would strongly encourage career seekers to consider fields that have great growth potential and not be smitten by the bright lights of the crowded professions. If you do choose these fields, do it for the love of humanity (doctors) or justice (lawyers) and not mainly for the money. Remember that you will be dealing with sick individuals and possibly lawbreakers some if not most of the time, by choice.

And Yes, there are ways to determine suitable career options.
Google, YouTube or send a message for assistance.

Good luck!


I’m pursuing commercial law in order to strengthen my understanding of the legal framework. This will allow me to improve my company’s performance and my private sector representation skills. Mind you, that a lot of our other leaders are legally trained and sometimes believe that it makes them untouchable. That does not bother me, since I don’t get worried….I get better and I would wish the same for everyone else.

We all need money to meet our needs..therefore we need to build or strengthen relevant skills that allow us to increase our value in order to earn our keep. My advice is to ensure that career seekers seriously consider their options in order to earn well in the future. Entering a crowded marketplace does not increase earning potential.

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