Business Success and Failure

Business people take many things into consideration before investing. Among these are the political and economic climate. The most important considerations however still remain a feasible business model, access to finance and an adequate market. While most businesses have no issue with others taking credit for their success, what happens to the 80% that fail within the first five years?

If you want to take credit for successful businesses which really does not belong to you, you should also take responsibility for the much more numerous business failures that occur daily.

These business failures lead to broken homes, unpaid mortgages, unemployment, reduced tax collections, fraud, suicides and even murder.

In a free market, the market decides which businesses will be successful and which which fail. In a free market, the businesses which have a competitive advantage over their rivals succeed. In a free market, business owners who actively seek to build on their strengths, address their weaknesses, mitigate their threats and capture their opportunities are the ones who make it. Unlike employees who know how much they are receiving at the end of the month, business owners take all the risk up front with the intent of receiving some reward down the road.

Celebrate them, assist them, notice them but more importantly remind them of their critical role in society.

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