Better Customer Service? Who Pays?

Unless business owners, executives and managers invest in themselves by way of training they will never understand the need for customer service training. They probably know they need to invest in customer service training but since one of only ways they know to make profits right now is by selling cheaper than their competition, they seek to cut all other cost. The main ones usually being salaries and therefore training budgets are almost non-existent.

Since the managers of many businesses have never received formal management training, they are also unable to perform in-house training. It is amazing how fast businesses can be turned around by first addressing an upgrade in management skills. The response to our question in many ways is the answer to this issue. Better service usually cost a little bit more than poor service. Are we willing to pay for that?

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  1. November 11, 2015    

    This is true. Gone are the days when you just open shop and expect business to “just” grow. We are in a time with competition and only those with the competitive edge will attract more business.

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