Barrel Crabs

Is that who we are? Crabs in a barrel?

Although we would have hoped that we are not, a simple glance at your Facebook wall demonstrates that there are a lot of persons out there who can not conceive that other individuals may have worthwhile goals.

Granted, this paranoia has been grown over many years and has proven to be correct at times. However, can we not also realize that every step taken by individuals or groups of individuals is done in their best interest. The larger the goal set, the more likely their effort will benefit an even greater number of people. Some other (enviable) effects that come with taking steps are recognition, personal growth and satisfaction….even new careers. We owe it to those who take those steps by giving their time, energy and resources to support their efforts or at the very least not discourage them.

As the Chinese proverb goes “The person who says it can not be done, should not interrupt the person who is doing it”.

I would therefore strongly encourage you to figure out what it is you believe in, the type of world you want your (grand) kids to grow up in and focus your efforts on making that a reality.

Remember that while Crabs have two claws with which to pull down, they also have eight legs with which to run towards their goals.

And as far as our ‘Crabs in a Barrel’ mentality goes, I can only offer an engineering solution:

Assuming that we as crabs occupy about 1/4 of the volume at the bottom of the barrel and that we all want to achieve ‘Crab Salvation’. Crab Salvation being liberation from our barrel (which can be our limited mindset, environment, situation etc). We first choose one path by which we will come out of the barrel, we then create a foundation upon which each crab climbs along the side towards the top of the barrel. Once we have shifted our weight along the side of the barrel and away from the center of gravity of the barrel, the barrel will then fall over on its side liberating us all……FREE CRABS, WE ARE!

Free to see the opportunities ahead of us and hopefully wiser about the way to overcome our barriers. So if we have to be crabs, lets get out of the barrel and use our resources to run towards a better tomorrow!

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