A better US through Mentorship.

Have you ever noticed the secretive and sometimes deceitful manner in which persons around you operate? In many cases, they do so due to the fear that you may learn, excel and replace them.

I come from a culture and family that strongly believes in sharing knowledge openly and freely. We believe that: what you sow you will reap. By that reasoning it would be foolish to sow deceit. By that reasoning it would also make sense to sow as much knowledge as you can, as fast and efficiently as you can, since that will open you up to reaping crops of knowledge yourself.

Now I certainly do not profess to know all (although I have been accused of projecting that image), but statistically I must know at least a few things better than someone I meet. Much the same way as someone I meet knowing at least a few things better than I.

We do not actively value the knowledge we possess. If we were to empirically measure the cost and value of our accumulated knowledge, we would most likely all be multi-millionaires.

It must be noted that there are persons who do not care for your advice or guidance. My own formula has evolved into spotting talent that requires that advice/guidance/mentorship needed to achieve higher levels of achievements and satisfaction, both personal and professional.

By adopting this mindset, in a way, you become a philanthropist of sorts, giving away your valuable knowledge to those needing it. The result, however minor, becomes priceless due to the domino effect any improvement has in another’s life.

So the next time you spot such an opportunity, please give your sincerest effort in understanding the situation and giving your insight. And remember that the results will most likely not be immediate. Masterpieces, after all, are works requiring patience, love and sincere energy.

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