Monthly archives for September, 2014

Public Gods

Public Servants are elected or appointed to a public office with the aim of providing service to the citizenry who may have elected them and who are funding both their wages and budgets. Put simply, we hire public servant to provide services for the public good and pay them by the taxes that are collected from […]

Square Pegs

I’m not legally or politically trained…at least, not yet. I am trained in engineering and business administration. These are areas that both focus achieving solutions in the most efficient and effective way. No popularity or bureaucratic circus show, just results. It still amazes me that a fair amount of the populace chooses their leaders based […]


I sometimes forget what fear feels like. I know that once I do what is right and can justify my actions, there is absolutely nothing to be fearful about. Anyone attempting to intimidate me using fear tactics will be made to look malicious and foolish. If something is pointed out that I may have missed, […]

Knowledge is Power

In our society we usually equate money or position with power. From early on, before I had either money or position power, I was thought that knowledge is the greatest source of power. The more you know, and more importantly, the more you can apply what you know with success, the more valuable you become. Because you […]

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