Monthly archives for June, 2014

Leadership Dynamics

As I age nearer to becoming a senior in society, I find myself thinking about that role. Being a young energetic professional, it has been relatively easy to identify weaknesses and recommend solutions to the varied systems I have been privileged to be a part of. Operating from a peripheral level allows almost anyone the […]

Career choices

According to a practitioner there are anywhere between 300 (official number) to 1000 lawyers operating in Guyana. That is about 1 lawyer to every 1000 persons. With the continued lure towards this profession, we may soon arrive at a situation where everyone can truly have their ‘own’ lawyer. From a business perspective however, the situation […]

Barrel Crabs

Is that who we are? Crabs in a barrel? Although we would have hoped that we are not, a simple glance at your Facebook wall demonstrates that there are a lot of persons out there who can not conceive that other individuals may have worthwhile goals. Granted, this paranoia has been grown over many years […]

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