Monthly archives for April, 2014

Guyana’s Private Sector Representatio...

It is frequently said that the private sector is supposed to be the engine of growth in any economy. This should be no different in Guyana. But is it? Is there something wrong with our Engine? The main benefits that a healthy and vibrant private sector contribute to an economy are the payment of taxes […]

Unlimited Potential

One of my older post featured on My first attempt at short story writing! – complete story. Each line goes as deep as you want it to. Once upon a time, on a beach called 63, a group of friends were enjoying the sandy shores. One decides to enter the coffee colored waters in […]

Opportunism & Opportunists

Opportunism! Is it really as bad as its made out to be? Opportunity is defined as a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. The Oxford Dictionary defines opportunism as “the practice of looking for and using opportunities to gain an advantage for oneself, usually without considering if this is […]

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