Monthly archives for March, 2014

Who Am I?

Who am I? I am Alive. I am Complex. I am Change. Toastmasters and guests. Are we not changing constantly? We never asked to be brought into this world. But here we are. What are our responsibilities, our functions, our rewards? It seems, while guided by laws and in some cases religion, our direction lies […]

Clear Vision

No, not your eyes. This is the mind’s vision I speak of. That image you and you alone can see as clear as day. I know some very intelligent individuals who find it difficult to achieve upward mobility due to the fact that they are unable to clearly articulate the vision in their minds. I […]

Job Importance

It would be great to LOVE your job, Although that means that you could also HATE your job, Remember, however, that it is by far more Important, That you can actually DO your job.

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