Monthly archives for February, 2014

Preventing Exhaustion

A few days ago I felt so tired and exhausted after a long time. I guess that’s the price for wanting to complete every item on an impossible schedule. I have been doing this for so long now that it has become second nature. The problem seems to be the ageing effect. Boundless, immediate energy […]

Proper Speech

What I thought would have been a quick 15 minute visit to register a company at a state agency turned out to be an one hour interesting encounter with an employee there. This person spoke with such eloquence, tact and knowledge that I had to commend him on his command of the English language. The […]


I can remember as a young boy witnessing the many political rallies taking place around elections in my hometown of Nickerie. I saw the hype created and always wondered why my family never got caught up in it. My grand father, who i had the privilege of spending a lot of time with, explained our […]

A better US through Mentorship.

Have you ever noticed the secretive and sometimes deceitful manner in which persons around you operate? In many cases, they do so due to the fear that you may learn, excel and replace them. I come from a culture and family that strongly believes in sharing knowledge openly and freely. We believe that: what you […]

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