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Favorite Quotes and Random Thoughts!

My day was a lesson, as usual, there is always something that you could learn today, that will help you tomorrow. Can’t wait for the day when they start offering built in USB ports in human beings!…..until then it’s read….read….read Lately, I find myself pleasantly surprised by the increased level of enthusiasm and professionalism displayed […]

Success by giving!!

Everyone wants to be successful! From professionals to politicians to criminals to YOU. It’s important to understand a few key factors that can help you meet success halfway. Firstly, people are generally selfish and are more interested in their success than yours. This is completely normal and most likely a product of our evolution, where […]

Respect your body!

How do you treat your body? Do you go with the flow and postpone getting into shape to some other convenient time? Are you taking the steps¬†necessary to ensure that you will not be overrun by sicknesses in the near future? As a youngster I was always into sports…any sport…as long as I could participate. […]


We never asked to be brought into this world. But here we are. What are our responsibilities, our functions, our rewards? It seems, while guided by laws and in some cases religion, that our direction lies in every choice we make. Do we want to be like our parents, our teachers, our heroes or something […]

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